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January 13, 2015 09:50 am - Post #16

Last year, on youtube I saw 1.5 million views for four videos that I posted. One of those four, posted in October, saw a fifth of a million views by it's self.

Youtube is full of a lot of spammers, and I've never really believed that was a very effective way to use it. Google punishes spammy content using whatever magic they have behind the scenes. Furthermore, the proliferation of spammers pretty much cancels each other out as they got lost in the noise.

The end result is a low number of views for spammy content, and once they fall off the feed, there is little chance that they'll ever come up in anyone's deeper search, ever.

It's too bad that the spammers don't just devote more time to making better videos. A lot of them can't because they simply have no talent to draw from. Being noisy is the only thing they have going for them.

However, It's unfortunate, because some of them are actually really talented individuals with an ample body of work to draw from. By going the spammer route, I think they are really selling themselves short.


January 12, 2015 09:15 am - Post #15

I recently came across this article on The Guardian about hypnosis. Even though it's a few years old now, it's got a number of links in it that make for a rather comprehensive and interesting read.


January 11, 2015 11:25 am - Post #18

I've put together a 20 minute video featuring highlights from my erotic hypnosis stage show performances in the past. It's still for adults only, however it features larger groups of people, audiences, and generally a lack of nudity. I'm not going to be posting it publicly, since it's going to be part of my promo kit. I think I'd really like to get back on stage in 2015. However, I'd be looking for a few eyes to run it by just to get a response from a perspective that isn't mine. If you're interested, send me a private message.


January 3, 2015 20:48 pm - Post #19

My next production trip up north is starting to come together. Originally I was hoping to get back up there as soon as possible, but the holidays were a lot more demanding on my time and energy than I had anticipated. I'm not complaining, it means that after so long on the ropes that I'm starting to get back in to what would be called a normal life.

I may actually have enough room on this trip to do a little socializing this time around. I'm going to be traveling through California, Oregon and Washington state. If anyone is interested in meeting up, get ahold of me. I believe I will be on the road for two weeks starting on Monday afternoon.


December 29, 2014 00:40 am - Post #20

There's some really amazing and intense things in the works for my erotic hypnosis website in 2015. I've been working very closely with a very adorable woman who immediately formed a very powerful connection to me and what I do.

In January, I'm doing something that hasn't really been done before, and I'm going to be documenting the process of a total transformation of a human being in to something that will bring them closer to the person they want to be.

The format that I publish my work in allows me a considerable degree of freedom. However, that isn't enough. Finding a suitable candidate that is not only compatible with my style, but is stable enough to actually commit to something this intense is very rare.

In my first erotic hypnosis session with Crystal White, we established that connection and the ability to do sexy things. Now, we will be using that as the mechanism to transform an entire life. However, I think Crystal White will do a better job of explaining what this is about, so I'm going to pass along her words:

The catalyst for my change is a new relationship. This is unlike anything I have encountered or even imagined before. I have met an amazing, kind, powerful, erotic hypnotist, Aaron Glotfelter. I am often at a loss of words trying to find a term to describe what he is to me. I will just call him my hypnotist.

I do not have any expectations to be a romantic partner to this incredible man, amazingly and quickly I have come to love him, trust him completely, and obey him passionately, to the fullest extent of my ability. I imagine it would seem incredulous to others, this is exactly what I want to do and what I find pleasure in doing. I have met a man with the ability and desire to transform my life for the better. In return, I need only to trust in his plan, contribute effort and willingness to change my life, and allow him to make me feel wonderful. This is unlike anything I have ever imagined.

Through erotic hypnosis, we have forged something more intimate than any other relationship in my life. There are moments it feels overwhelming, yet it is always exhilarating. While difficult to describe, it is as though I place my entire being into his hands and allow him to take control. The ability to surrender in such a way is the most peaceful and comforting contact I have ever felt, because I know he is worthy of such trust.

Always, I am longing to hear his voice and let it sweep away my worries. Regardless of the topic, Aaron's voice is an angel's song. My mind and body flutter with pleasure to hear my name from his lips. I have never particularly enjoyed hearing my name from anyone before and now I feel I want nothing more. To feel his touch is heavenly and my skin clings to the memory with fervor. To say that being hypnotized by Aaron is better than sex is a vast understatement. I never want it to end.

When Aaron told me he is a certified personal trainer and offered to train me, I became giddy with excitement. As we began to discuss finer details, I began to visualize the woman i will become. I am blessed to have a healthy mind and body image and so I am able to look at who and what I am now and see where there are opportunities for improvement. I am neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with my body, but I know what allows me to feel pride and how I can become a better version of myself.

I am often planning on beginning to exercise and fluctuating between junk food and fresh produce. I know that being involved with fitness and nutrition makes me feel happy, energetic and self confident. In the past, when I have examined my body in the mirror and seen toned muscles and a light shining from within, I felt a surge of pride and joy.When I improved my time on a 5k race, I felt an enormous sense of accomplishment. I believe that with Aaron's help, I can get back on the right track and hit the ground running. I do not yet know the entire plan and that is just fine with me. Every new detail he provides perfectly corresponds with who I am now and who I can be. Already, I know I will never be the same.

I believe I may seem younger than I am at times because I met my ex-husband when I was 16 and everything he did was with the intention to keep me that way. For five years I was a twisted and perverted version of who I am and what he wanted me to be. I did not grow or mature, but put all my energy into trying not to upset him, trying to be good enough to earn a single loving smile or praise, thinking that if only I wasn't worthless, he would stop being so cruel. I know now that I never deserved the situation I endured, but without it I would not be so grateful for mere freedom. While I am not perfect, I have come a long way since our separation and divorce. It does not do to dwell on the pain of the past. However, it must not be forgotten. Every day I am grateful that I survived, that I may turn my face to the rising sun with hope.

As I usher in the new year, I am filled with light. I know that the opportunities Aaron is providing for me aren't anything easy to come by. I want to look back on this entry fondly in a few years and remember how I felt and who I was. This journey I am embarking on will be epic, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Crystal White

I'm confident in my ability to have a positive impact in her life, and I do have a plan and a vision for her. I'm humbled by her words. It's going to be an amazing journey.


December 22, 2014 21:43 pm - Post #21

I've always made it a policy that the type of material I presented to the world would be for the most part positive. I always wanted it to be comfortable in a mixed gendered environment, and the idea is that any woman watching it would see it and want to be next.

On my last expedition, I finally got a chance to meet with one of the most delightful women that I have ever had the joy of meeting. Naturally, I have been on her mind a great deal ever since.

As much as I wish I could give of myself to others as much as they would like, I am bound by the constraints of time and space. We are working closely together to arrange some more adventures that we can share with everyone.

Fortunately, there is a lot of really awesome moments of my life collected in my existing body of work, and I asked her if she could pick a session that she was curious about.

She chose Vivian, a woman that I worked with a few times earlier this year. They were very powerful sessions, very emotionally intense. From my female viewers particularly she has been very popular. I asked her to share her thoughts with me about the video, and am happy to display the words that she sent back to me.

Dear Aaron,

I just finished watching the video of Vivian and Vivian 2 and I really loved it. Although it is difficult to focus on the content-your voice carries me away to bliss oh, so easily-I was able to see some of the different techniques you used and some similarities to my shoot. I especially enjoyed this session because I relate to Vivian and agree with a lot of things she says. This is something that every woman should experience at least once.

I'm extremely impressed by what you are able to do. It seems that you understand women better than we do ourselves and it's simply astounding. As with my own hypnosis, you swept away Vivian's inhibitions and allowed her to be her true self, which I discovered is someone I really like and could be good friends with. She has an adorable laugh and seems familiar, like someone I knew from high school but can't quite place. Behind the piercings and gothic style is a very sweet young woman with a sexuality dying to be released. Throughout the session, Vivian continued to become more and more relaxed and comfortable. The pleasure you gave her was like a vacation carrying her to peace and ecstasy.

I've always been a very empathetic person, and my experience with you allowed me to know exactly how she was feeling. As I lay sprawled on my bed enjoying her experience, I giggled and beamed, writhed in pleasure, and even reached a few orgasms myself, simply by hearing your voice. I found myself wishing I was there with you so I could truly be under your power and feel your hands stroking me. In fact, it was a little difficult to not feel jealous.

I believe we all have the capacity for raw animal lust and pure sexuality. The problem for most women is trying to find someone they feel comfortable revealing that to. You have the phenomenal ability to melt away self consciousness and embarrassment and release true passion and desire. It's truly incredible the level of intimacy you can reach in a matter of an hour or two. Watching this video, I felt that I also knew Vivian intimately and I was very pleased to have the opportunity.

Thank you for letting me get to know such a lovely woman.


Crystal White


December 20, 2014 23:30 pm - Post #23

Fully clothed, but probably not safe for work, sexy adult situations...

I drove 4,000 miles to do this, and am already planning my next trip to do some more. I have met the most delightful woman to explore erotic hypnosis with!

[Encode Video]


December 20, 2014 21:51 pm - Post #24

A lovely e-mail from an adorable woman. I can't wait to see her again!

Dear Aaron,

I am so happy that I was able to meet and work with you! I had an amazing experience and I can't wait for more. I keep trying to be casual as I don't want to seem obsessed, but it's basically impossible for me. I can't stop thinking about you. I remember your voice in my ear utter "pleasure" and I can feel my entire body sing. I have even watched videos of you hypnotizing others so that I can can climax when you say so.

I am so fascinated by hypnosis! I expected I would enjoy the experience but I had no idea how much. I imagined you would be able to get me to cum on command but I didn't know I could be brought to my knees by the intensity of my orgasms. I feel like this is so perfect for me because I've always known I like to be dominated and this is way beyond that. You have utter control over my body, my pleasure, even my thoughts... You are the only man I fantasize about because this experience with you is so much more exciting than sex w others. Wow. It's so amazing.

You have made me feel so safe even in such vulnerability. Every fiber of my being longs to obey you and give you complete control. I know at times I looked silly but my mind only thought yes, ok, please more. You wiped away all my inhibitions instantaneously and allowed me to be my sexy wild, cute, horny self. I am counting the minutes until I can be yours again.

Thank you for showing me what a wonderful experience this is!


Crystal White


December 20, 2014 20:14 pm - Post #25

The ultimate goal of erotic hypnosis should be the creation of a comfortable environment where everyone is happy. It's always nice when this happens.



December 17, 2014 00:11 am - Post #26

I didn't feel confident about safely pushing onward for my return trip tonight. As early as 5 pm, I was feeling pretty tired, and didn't think that I'd get much sleep camping out. Since it was still early in the night, I'd get a good value for my time in a hotel room and could pick something both cheap but useful, somewhere comfortable.

When I'm processing what's going on in my brain, the negative stuff tends to come first because that is usually stuff in progress that needs to be dealt with. If it's understood well enough, then in the future it may be possible for me to make structural changes to how I operate that will prevent the possibility of their emergence. If that is not something that can happen, then at least I can see it coming from a distance, and maneuver to avoid or to minimize it's impact.

Now I'm spending a little time reflecting upon my second candidate. She was great. She has that energy that you can only really find in women of a certain age, just barely in their 20's. Just enough of that sweet and innocent look developed over those teenaged years of being allowed outside the house, and then immediately in to that intense almost crazed, yet not crazy, sexuality. At about 22 to 23 something just comes together in a spectacular way once they've gotten used to all the lack of restrictions and freedoms that any other adult enjoys.

This is not a final form, it's inherently unstable, transitionary, and reactive. The situations and events created through the expression of this energy, changes an individual over time, and then one day they are something else.

I recognize it in others, because while I'm long out of my early 20's, I did manage to transmute some of it in to a permanent, more stable form, and hence my line of work. It's enjoyable from my perspective to be exposed to it.

I really couldn't want for anything more from her. We hand good contact over an extended period of time, leading up to our first meeting. She was incredibly excited about the experience. There was brief uncertainty as to what was going on with her, but we were able to sort it out, and I just realized that she had a very limited amount of control over her schedule. Once I realized this, I knew she was on board and that was consistent with how she's presented herself the entire time, so it was easy for me to be able to work with her to accommodate her schedule. Then everything came together perfectly.

The mechanics of what I do went smoothly, quickly, effortlessly, and her body language was clear as to what she was feeling. She very much melted in to me. She demonstrated that she was very comfortable with me in a physical sense, and the whole experience was sexy.

Very sexy.

I do not expect this from all my candidates. It's not required, but it's always appreciated. When my candidates enjoy themselves fully, then I find the experience more engaging and interesting. Sometimes I even start to enjoy myself a little as well.


December 16, 2014 10:45 am - Post #28

From yesterday's erotic hypnosis session.



December 16, 2014 00:38 am - Post #27

Sad days... After working out a plan with the candidate and spending the morning trying to put that plan in to action, I had to thrown in the towel and reschedule her to my next trip. I'm loath to do that, because I'm excited to work with her and you have to strike while the iron is hot.

However, I have rules in place that limit how much I can risk on any stranger. Those rules are in place to spread the risk out across all the sessions, and allow me the freedom and flexibility to look at any individual session and let it go if I need to for any reason at all.

In the old days the economics were completely different, and I could expend more resources without batting an eyelash. However, things are much more uncertain, and every time I have deviated from my procedures over the last few years I have regretted it. My procedures aren't there because I like arbitrary rules. My procedures are there because that's what the facts of prior precedent has demonstrate to maximize return while minimizing risks, and prevent mistakes that shutdown my options.

Emotion can get in the way of making sound decisions regarding the numbers. When I have a feeling that makes me want to go against my procedures, that's when I need to stick to them the most.


December 15, 2014 12:08 pm - Post #29

Absolutely adorable!



December 14, 2014 06:54 am - Post #30

Months of gathering resources, several weeks of planning, days to move all the pieces in to place, and hours to set up. Crunch time comes in three waves, all over the next 31 hours, at which time I will know whether I have made something awesome and unique in the universe, or if I have wasted my time and resources and would have been better off staying at home in bed.

There is a spectrum of success for this expedition: sufficient success, victory, and decisive victory. However, where things stand as they are right now, I've selected my best prospects, committed to times and places, and placed my money on the table in the form of the overhead necessary just to get back in to the game.

I'm excited. Each of the three individuals has specific factors that make them interesting, and thus is why they are the selected candidates to take the spotlight this time around.

I'll feel much better once we get over the first hurdle, and eliminate the possibility of getting shut out.


December 8, 2014 19:00 pm - Post #22

I'm so excited right now, I can hardly contain myself!

I've just uploaded the two new sessions that I filmed while on the road recently to my website. They aren't quite ready for the public yet, there's still a few administrative things to be done. However, my VIP's who have pre-paid memberships and are otherwise close personal friends of the website have access right now. My first subject, Crystal White, is adorable. She has that youthful energy mixing that innocence with that just take me and do naughty things with me vibe. We've been in close contact and we've got some cool stuff planned for the road ahead. It's really exciting.

Additionally, thanks to my new camera setup, I was able to capture her actually squirting as the result of hypnotic suggestion.

It's kind of an open secret that if you're female and you're in to being hypnotized by me that if you're going to be around me for an extended period of time that you might want to bring extra panties. However, to get the actual moment, at the right angle, in the flow if things is just really, really, really cool.

My other subject, Alexandria, is a complete departure from the vast majority of my work. The session is absolute madness, and at first I really didn't know what to make of it. The normal flow, the expectations, the whole playbook goes out the window, and you really don't know what's going to happen next.

It's very exciting, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings!


October 23, 2014 02:35 am - Post #3

My recent road trip resulted in two very enjoyable and wonderful erotic hypnosis sessions for my website ( https://HypnosisFetish.com - NSFW / Adult Only ). I've been talking a lot about the first session with Samantha, however there's still a lot more to talk about because I had an amazing session with Pixie also!


October 18, 2014 02:36 am - Post #4

I'm still in awe over how attractive my volunteer was a few days ago. This photo is about as sexy as I can get away with on Facebook, but fully dressed, partially undressed, or completely nude, she looked really great. I absolutely loved her curves!

She was really shy, and this along with a presumably normally soft spoken temperament made her very quiet. However, her facial expressions were very expressive and clear as day, and we got a tight and close look at them with the camera shot.

There are many challenges that my work brings in to my life, and there are so many aspects of it that are not fun at all. However, to go from a first meeting over coffee to this moment in about an hour, and then to go further still is just way too amazing of an experience, and is why I still do it. (That's just in my professional life. my private life can be even more intense, but that's a story for another time.)


October 15, 2014 02:41 am - Post #6

A photo from yesterday's erotic hypnosis session, Samantha.

We met for coffee before our session, and this was the first time I set eyes on her in person. She was sexy from head to toe, definitely the girl next door look that goes so well with what I do.

She looked absolutely stunning, curvy in all the right places and very sexy hair. She was really nervous, but at the same time was confident enough to try out the experience. There was definitely a chemistry between us, and I really had to hold back from hypnotizing her in the coffee shop (and save it for the camera).

The process went very smoothly, and we got to a very sexy place. Towards the end of the session as we were bringing it to a close, she was kind of caught up in wondering how it was possible to feel what she was feeling, and that curiosity made it very hard for me to bring it to a close, as I just wanted to keep on causing her to respond to my voice.

I'm very happy with how it went, she was very attractive, looked good on video, good tech with the video it's self, and good responsiveness to the hypnotic phenomena.


October 15, 2014 02:37 am - Post #5

Starting to wrap up the apogee of this expedition. We've met both the minimal victory requirements, as well as the expected victory requirements, and I'm anticipating the trip to actually turn a profit in the long term, although it's pretty much wiped me out in the short term.

One of my site members re-upped his membership, and that's going to make it possible for us to possibly get one more shoot done on the way back. Additionally I am hopeful that we will not be driving on fumes from our last tank of gas as we roll in to Tempe.

Out of the four that we had scheduled, two are complete and one is still scheduled. The last one, after being unreachable finally turned up and we were scheduled to meet up today.

As we finalized the details, she wanted to enter in to negotiations, which is within her rights to do. However, as the process went on, I lost the desire to work with her. Too many scheduling problems, too much difficulty finalizing the arrangements, too much limitations on what she wanted to do, and asking for too much money.

Once again, all within her rights, but towards the end of the process, while it was still possible to have a deal, I started thinking to myself, I don't expect this to be any fun at all. Out of politeness, I let her financial requirements be a financial objection, and we wrapped up negotiations without a deal.

Our final candidate was originally going to be our first candidate, and had she not cancelled four hours before our initially scheduled meeting, we would have had something new a few days ago to replenish the war chest while we were in the field. This would have made things much easier, and I would have felt better, earlier, about the success of the trip.

Normally, if it's just a bullshit excuse there's no further contact. However, she re-established contact and since we're passing along her area anyway, there's no cost to taking another shot at it. Of course if anything is dodgy, that's going to be the end of that. If this deal comes together, and if the session goes well, the we will officially exceed expectations for the expedition, which would be kind of neat.

We'll probably raid the farms up here before we leave the region. There's something like 100 level 8 portals spread across two farms. I don't know where there's anything like it anywhere else, and being armed to the teeth makes Ingress much more fun.

A lot of our friends are going to be in Southern California this weekend, so we'll be passing through there. So even after we resolve candidate number 4, one way or the other, there may still be some interesting things occurring on the home stretch.


October 14, 2014 02:46 am - Post #11

My assistant always gets a treat when we are in the Pacific Northwest.


October 14, 2014 02:46 am - Post #10

"What did they use to make this coffee so hot, nuclear power?"

"No, this is Oregon, they wouldn't use nuclear. It would be recycled something."

"Recycled nuclear?"

-Discussing coffee with my assistant. — at starbucks.


October 14, 2014 02:45 am - Post #9

We've been out in the field for three and a half days now.

I originally had five candidates on deck. However, I decided to reduce the length of the trip by a few hundred miles in a combined effort to reduce the transportation costs, length of time in the field, and just out of a lack of confidence in the fifth candidate.

Our first candidate, who had been completely on the ball with the scheduling, flaked out four hours before we were supposed to meet with her, claiming that her brother was injured in a car crash and she couldn't make it.

There's not enough graveyards in the world to fill with the bodies of all the relatives that suddenly have mishaps a few hours before shoots. Although we were a few hours out of Stockton, I could definitely smell bullshit in the air. However, we had an extremely narrow window of time to work with her, and she missed it, and that was that. Forget about her and move on.

It was very discouraging, however, because my plan made use of this first session at the midpoint on the trip to get us something to show for the time and expense right out the gate, and to immediately start recovering the costs. The budget was extremely tight, almost down to the very last dollar, and living that way is very stressful.

I thought about scrubbing the whole mission, at that point I'd only be out gas money, and there'd still be enough cash to live another month while I figured something else out. However, that would probably just leave me in the same position in a month, with no better prospects than what I had now. There's usually a high attrition rate, I don't expect 100 percent to pan out, and while it was annoying to not make this waypoint, the remainder of the plan still looked good. We just lost the hedge to our bet, so we had a greater economic risk at this point. This was a little demoralizing, because these expeditions don't always work out. The sooner you can achieve minimal sufficient victory, the better.

We continued along to our destination and got in to town a day earlier than we had planned. We were hoping to move the production schedule ahead on account of this, but not only did that not happen, but it took longer to get everyone rounded up and scheduled and we ended up moving forward a day late, and with another one of our candidates completely bursting in to photons with a complete lack of response or communication.

In order to pass the time and take our minds off things while we waited for the rest of the world to catch up with us, we played some Ingress and had a pretty good time. We found some farms that were pretty amazing, and utterly and completely redefined our terms of what we thought a properly stocked inventory was. Rolled in to town with 3 level 8 resonators, rolled out with 274. Around so many level 8 portals that you can't separate them on the scanner, and so used to hacking them that you don't even pay attention to the results, you just move on to the next one as quickly as possible. Armed to the teeth with 300 level 8 bursters, laughing at the thought of all the blue fields that are going to get collapsed on the drive home, and meeting some cool people along the way.

The original plan was to come out, do what we set out to do, then turn around and go home for post production as quickly as possible. The disruptions in our schedule along with the delays slowed this down and dragged things out. Since we didn't have the resources to both accomplish our goals and objectives and also prolong our time in the field we had to ration things right out the gate. Half servings of protein powder, no food luxuries outside of out customary Voodoo Doughnut and a slice of pizza each, to keep us in good spirits. They have WinCo out here and I was able to cheaply obtain out of the bulk section some soy protein powder, oats, that when mixed with some vanilla greek yogurt and a little bit of a flavored yogurt makes a very hearty and sustaining food stuff that I call "hero's concrete."

There's no way that we could sustain hotel rooms for this length of time out here, so we've been camping out in the Del Sol. We know how to do this invisibly, and it doesn't get that cold yet, just the 40's to the 50's. The Del Sol leaks in the rain, and we've been fortunate that it was dry until last night. We've been through a lot harder times so it isn't a big deal. There were many, many nights last year that I would have celebrated for the luxury of sleeping in such conditions.

We had another candidate appear at the last minute, and we'll see how that works out. We also re-established contact with the first one, and she wants to try again when we pass back through. As such, it is still possible to achieve total victory for our objectives.

At this point it's the calm before the storm. Everything has been set in to motion and now we shall see how the universe resolves. The bulk of the outcome of this expedition is about to be resolved, and the cascading second and third order effects are going to determine a great number of things that will occur over the near and medium term. I'm reasonably optimistic for a favorable outcome.


October 14, 2014 02:41 am - Post #8

This picture doesn't do her justice, but wow! She was amazing!

No matter what, the expedition is now officially a success! Now it's just a matter of degree of awesome!


October 14, 2014 02:41 am - Post #7

We are two for two today. This takes us from minimal victory to solid victory for this expedition. This is a relief because I bet the farm on this one.

The new lights traveled and worked good. Production is now done completely with CFL. We have a maximum capacity 19 x 60 watt CFL on 4 stands, so we are good for lights. We were cramped for time and space out here in the field, but the tech worked out.

Also did some interesting things with audio and video, so I am more or less happy with the tech.

The content was good. Very happy with it. The two girls had a different energy from each other, but both went to a very sexy place.

The third candidate was a no show, but production went late on each of the first two, and after emailing her to call her off because we hadn't received her confirmation for a scheduling change, she said she was called in to work. So it was no hard feelings on e$

I can breathe easier tonight and look forward to sleeping in a cozy room on a comfortable bed.


December 27, 2013 02:46 am - Post #12

This website has gone through a lot of changes over the years. I've owned this domain for a little over a decade.

My last server crash a few months ago brought it down, and there has been a lot going on that has kept me from taking the time to bring it back up. However, I realized that the social network sites aren't really adequate for getting the word out (especially with stuff like this going on).

So here we go again.


December 11, 2013 19:53 pm - Post #31

I've got some good friends, who have some fun friends of their own, and as a consequence of this, a new session for my website happened last night.


October 23, 2013 20:03 pm - Post #32

In in the park today giving orgasms to this girl who gets loud and twitchy and breathes hard just short of hyperventilating, and in the middle of one a track team or some sort of group of like twenty joggers suddenly turn the bend in to what was previously a secluded area. So I pull her close, and loudly say, "Don't worry, your asthma attack will be over in a moment," to no one in particular, just sort of announcing it in my best Clark Kent voice. My assistant immediately bursts out laughing in her soulless red headed cackle, and when my girl finished her climax, she burst out laughing. This is a normal day for me.


October 20, 2013 20:18 pm - Post #33

The end of my third video session for my website of this production batch.

Vocal and kinky is the theme of this one.